What do you need to pay attention to when using an electric motorcycle?
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1. When an electric motorcycle is in use, we actually also need to pay attention to that when the Charger is in charge, it must be placed in an ventilated place, and then, for its external power cord, in fact, it should be noted that not less than 4MM, for the electric motorcycle socket, it should not be less than 30A.

2. Care should be taken to maintain the front and rear wheels and tighten the screws. Before you start the car, you should check the brake system.

3. The electric motor should be accelerated evenly when starting, and the power should be turned off when stopping. In fact, we also need to pay attention to the battery monthly check water and pile head, but also need to pay attention to check the electrical devices in various places regularly to ensure that it does not enter the water, and there is no dust phenomenon.

4. Next, what we actually want to do is to take a look at the charging process of an electric motorcycle. First of all, in fact, it refers to its constant current charging, during the charging process, it is actually a charging method that will keep the charging current constant. Immediately after that, we will actually adopt a small current in another aspect, so that, in fact, it is necessary to maintain a long-term charging mode, in this case, in fact, it will be more suitable for multiple batteries in series for the power battery pack.

5. Another way to charge an electric motorcycle is by means of pulse charging. At this time, we should also pay attention to the pulse current should be used directly to charge the battery.    


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