Explain the Electric motorcycle speed control device
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An electric motorcycle speed control device is set up for the electric motorcycle's speed change and direction change, its function is to control the electric motorcycle's voltage or current, and complete the electric motorcycle's drive torque, and rotation direction control.

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Previously on an electric motorcycle, DC electric motorcycle speed regulation was realized by a series resistor or by changing the turns of the electric motorcycle magnetic field coil. It is seldom used nowadays because of its step-less speed regulation and the additional energy consumption or the complicated structure of the electric motorcycle. The current of the electric motorcycle is controlled by changing the terminal voltage and current of the electric motorcycle to realize the stepless speed regulation of the electric motorcycle. In the continuous development of electronic power technology, it is also gradually replaced by other power transistor chopper speed control devices. With the development of technology, it will be an inevitable trend for electric motorcycles to change their speed control into DC inverter technology.

DC electric motorcycle can change the current direction of the armature or magnetic field by contractors in the rotating direction control of an electric motorcycle, which makes the Confucius Circuit complex and low reliability. When AC asynchronous electric motorcycle is used to drive an electric motorcycle, the change of electric motorcycle steering only needs to change the phase sequence of the three-phase current of the magnetic field, which can simplify the control circuit. In addition, the use of AC electric motorcycle and its frequency control technology makes the electric motorcycle brake energy recovery control more convenient and the control circuit more simple.

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