Charge and discharge cycle of Chinese electric motorcycle
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Chinese electric motorcycle charge and discharge cycle refers to the battery from the start of charging to discharge, and then to the next charge before the start of a charge and discharge cycle. The cycle life of the electric motorcycle refers to the number of charging and discharging cycles experienced by the battery before its actual capacity is reduced to a specified value. Usually used to define the life of a battery. Generally speaking, different discharge depth, battery life is different.

The recovery effect of electric motorcycle China is the battery in the condition of discontinuous discharge, discharge for a period of time, no load open circuit or from high current to small current discharge, the charge inside the battery will be redistributed to balance, then the battery voltage rise, in the small current discharge can still release a certain amount of electricity.

Chinese electric motorcycle

The self-discharge phenomenon of electric motorcycle China is the decrease of battery capacity caused by internal electric motorcycle reaction when the battery is not working. It is usually related to time and ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature is, the more obvious the self-discharge phenomenon is. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the battery regularly when the battery is not used for a period of time, and preserve the battery at appropriate temperature and humidity.

For electric motorcycles, power is the source of power, without power or power instability, the vehicle can not run normally. Power supply is mainly used to provide enough electrical energy for its drive motor, the motor in the motorcycle can convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy, and through the transmission device or directly drive the wheel and working device rotation, is one of the essential parts.

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