How do you know when you're buying an electric motorcycle?
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Electric motorcycle has been growing rapidly in recent years as manufacturing levels have been upgraded, but at the same time, many customers have encountered the problem of not knowing how to choose their equipment when buying electric motorcycles. The electric motorcycle can be purchased by looking at Motor Brands and power, battery brands and models, brake configurations, vehicle tires, and lighting systems.

electric motorcycle

1. Motor brand and power

As for an electric motorcycle, in order to ensure its excellent power, the high-quality electric motorcycle will use a brand-name motor, its general power is more than 10,000 W, and the car carrying this kind of motor is generally more powerful, acceleration is better. But the inferior electric motorcycle will use some brand low power electric motor, but this kind of electric motor will have a power insufficiency situation relatively. Therefore, the user can first look at the motor brand and power, to judge the pros and cons.

2. Battery brand and model

In general, an electric motorcycle is more powerful, but it uses more power than ordinary electric cars, so for a good motorcycle, it's better to have a bigger battery, option for larger batteries 72V or above. In addition, for the high-quality electric motors, the capacity should be greater than 20Ah. Of course, the high-quality electric motor will also use large brands of batteries. Therefore, the user, also need to look at the battery brand and model, to judge the pros and cons.

3. Brake configuration

In addition, the third area to look at is the brake configuration. Generally speaking, the high-quality electric motor is at least equipped with the front disc after the drum configuration, or even before and after the double-disc brake, to ensure that the vehicle brake performance is more stable. In order to save cost, the low-quality electric motor is usually equipped with front and rear double drum brakes. Therefore, you can view the brake configuration. To judge the quality of the vehicle.

4. Car Tires

And the fourth thing to look at is the tires. For high-quality electric motorcycles, the tires are vacuum tires, or even steel-wire tires, which are less slippery and more explosion-proof. But the inferior electric motor will only use the ordinary tire, although may satisfy the daily trip, but in the emergency situation, easy to appear the risk and so on a skid. Therefore, you can also observe the vehicle tires, to judge the merits of the vehicle.

5. Lighting System

The last thing you need to look at is the vehicle lights. For high-quality electric motorcycles, high-light lens headlamps are typically used, which have a greater range of illumination and a better focusing ability. As for the inferior electric motorcycle, these models will only use ordinary headlights, not only the brightness is not enough, and the spotlight performance is worse. Therefore, you can also check the vehicle headlights, to judge the merits of the vehicle.

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