Battery maintenance method of electric three wheel motorcycle
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Electric three wheel motorcycle is a three-wheel vehicle for hauling goods or people, which is powered by batteries and driven by electric motors. Electric three wheel motorcycle adopts DC series traction motor with a brush or brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a speed regulating and force increasing device. It is not easy to be damaged in normal use, and the output power is strong. In the use of electric three wheel motorcycle, the battery can be said to be the more vulnerable part, so we need extra attention, according to the following points to maintain.

electric three wheel motorcycle

1. The battery of electric three wheel motorcycle can not be stored at a loss of electricity. The state of loss of electricity refers to that when the battery is used up and not charged in time, it is easy to cause salinization of sulfuric acid, which causes lead sulfate crystals to adhere to the electrode plate of the battery and block the channel of the ions, the battery will not be able to charge, the capacity of the battery will be reduced. The longer the idle time is, the more serious the battery damage is. When the battery is not in use, it should be recharged once a month, which can extend the battery life.

2. The batteries of the electric three wheel motorcycle are regularly tested during use. If the range of an electric bicycle suddenly drops by more than 10 kilometers in a short period of time, it is likely that at least one battery in the battery pack is broken, plate softening, plate active material falls off and other short-circuit phenomena. At this point, should be timely to the professional battery repair organization for inspection, repair, or configuration.

3. Do not high current discharge electric bicycle in the start, manned, uphill, it is best to use pedal power, and try to avoid instant high current discharge. The high current discharge will lead to the crystallization of lead sulfate, which will damage the physical properties of the electrode plate.

4. To grasp the charging time, in general, the battery charge at night, the average charging time is about 8 ho If shallow discharge (charge after driving distance is very short), the battery will soon be full, continue to charge will appear over-charge phenomenon, leading to battery water loss, heating, reduce battery life. Therefore, the battery with a discharge depth of 50% to 60% when the best charge, the actual use can be converted into riding mileage, according to the actual situation necessary to charge, to avoid harmful charging.

5. To prevent high-temperature exposure of electric vehicles, prohibited sun exposure. If the temperature is too high, the pressure inside the battery will increase and the pressure limiting valve of the battery will be forced to open automatically. The direct result is to increase the water loss of the battery, and the excessive water loss of the battery will inevitably lead to the decrease of the battery activity, accelerated plate softening, charging when the shell is heating, and the shell from the drum, deformation and other fatal damage.

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