Electric motorcycle compliance on the road, what needs to meet the conditions
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In recent years, the electric motorcycle has developed rapidly with the increasing demand for electric vehicles. But at the same time, many users have encountered the same problem, that is, electric motorcycle on the road difficult problem. So what exactly are the requirements for electric motorcycle compliance?

Electric motorcycle

1. Meet 3C certification requirements

First of all, for electric motorcycle, compliance with the production of products must have 3C certification, and only with this requirement, electric motorcycle can be used in production. Therefore, for the user, in the choice of an electric motorcycle, to see whether the vehicle has 3C certification if there is no choice.

2. Has the electric motorcycle qualification requirements

Secondly, electric motorcycle must also have the electric motorcycle production qualification, if not, then the vehicle will be divided into ultra-standard electric vehicles, is unable to license on the road. Therefore, in the choice of electric motorcycle, but also to see whether the vehicle electric motorcycle qualifications are complete.

3. In line with the local licensing directory

In addition, for electric motorcycle, you have to conform to the local license catalog. To put it simply, due to the different management of motorcycle in different regions, we have to refer to the local motorcycle license plate catalogue. If the vehicle is in the catalogue, we can choose, but if it is not in the catalogue, we can not choose, because once the choice will face the risk of not on the card on the road.

4. Have a driver's license

You also need a driver's license to drive an electric motorcycle on the road. Although some regions do not have mandatory requirements for such vehicles, in the long term, electric motorcycle driving on the road is required to have a driver's license, if there is no driver's license, can not be on the road.

5. You Can't take more than one person on a bike ride

Finally, from the point of view of regulations, electric motorcycle can only carry one person on the road, and if more than one person, is not on the road. Therefore, for users, to drive electric motorcycle on the road, it is best to ride a single or two people on the road, and if it is more than two people, it is not on the road.

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