E motorcycle technology trends
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E motorcycle has been a world leader in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology, strong companies have integrated electronic and digital technology in the controller, Motor Valve Control, charge control, and other components, intelligent E motorcycle will be the future development of the commanding heights.

E motorcycle

E motorcycle's traditional lead-acid battery is the Achilles' heel of E motorcycle because of its potential for secondary pollution, heavyweight, slow charging, and short life. The application technology of the ni-mh Battery has gradually matured. Once the safety problem of lithium batteries is solved, it can also be popularized. Leading e motorcycle manufacturers need to step up research into new energy sources, lower the cost of new batteries, and give e motorcycle a stronger source of life.

Strengthening the research on charging technology, greatly improving the charging efficiency, and extending the battery life is also the direction of E motorcycle research. According to experts, 80% of the damaged batteries on the market are bad charger charges. Some high-tech companies in China have started research in this area, replacing conventional charging with variable-amplitude pulse and digital control technology to effectively control the amount of water lost during the charging process and ensure a balanced charging, the utility model improves the service life of the battery.

The high-tech content of composite materials and high-strength light alloy materials will be more used in the manufacture of E motorcycle. In the successful application of aluminum alloy materials, the use of titanium alloy, chromium-molybdenum steel, such as light, high-strength materials and carbon fiber, and other polymer composites. Increase the strength of the E motorcycle, and reduce the weight of the E motorcycle. It revolutionizes the performance and manufacturing process of bicycles.

To apply computer and microelectronics technology more widely in E motorcycle product design, mold processing, and production process, continuously improve the level of production automation, and improve production technology, e motorcycle will do even better.

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