How to choose the style and function of an electric motorcycle
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An electric motorcycle is a vehicle that uses a battery as a source of energy, through a controller, motor, and other components, to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to move, in order to control the amount of current changing the speed of the vehicle. The electric motorcycle is in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, and greatly facilitates short-distance traffic, the choice of an appropriate electric motorcycle is very important.


A selection of styles for electric motorcycle

1. Electric motorcycle is mainly driven in three ways: one is hub-driven, one is mid-drive, and it is suspension-driven. On the market, the electric bicycle is mainly driven by the wheel hub, and the wheel hub drive is better than the rear-wheel drive, the front-wheel drive performance is relatively poor.

2. Battery placement, from the overall car balance and easy to get on and off the car to the battery placed in the frame inclined tube or riser position is better, the configuration of the battery is basically affordable lead-acid batteries. Most electric bikes run on 36V12AH lead-acid batteries; 24V12AH batteries offer fewer options because of their shorter range.

A selection of functional styles for electric motorcycle

1. Standard: this type of electric motorcycle motor power is generally 150W, characterized by simple and smooth shape, travel mileage of 40-50km, easy to operate, moderate price, more suitable for a long commute, work, the life has the certain mobility user use.

2. Multi-function type: this type of electric motorcycle is generally based on the standard increased fork shock absorber, saddle shock absorber, headlamp, electric horn, etc., it is characterized by more functions, riding more comfortably, it is also convenient to use at night.

3. Luxury type: this kind of electric motorcycle is characterized by a relatively novel luxury shape, more full-featured, usually in the handlebars add dashboard, to show speed, mileage, voltage, electricity, and so on, some are equipped with turn signals, language tips, rearview mirrors, toolboxes, safety nets and so on.

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