The future of electric motorcycles
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Electric motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles with key components such as batteries, motors, and controllers, with the battery as the energy source, the motor converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the controller controlling the direction and speed of movement.


This article analyzes the development prospects of the electric motorcycle by dividing the industry chain.

(1) The upstream of the electric motorcycle industry is mainly composed of manufacturers of electric vehicle components, including manufacturers of electrical components, frame manufacturers, standard body parts manufacturers, and manufacturers of decorative parts and accessories. The development of the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry has been relatively mature, the production technology of upstream suppliers has been improving, and the supply is sufficient, which provides important support for the industry.

(2) Electric motorcycle manufacturers are in the midstream of the industry chain. They are responsible for designing and planning electric vehicles and assembling purchased or self-produced components by strict engineering procedures and operational standards to form electric vehicles with the electric drive or/and electric assist functions for sale to downstream dealers or customers.

(3) The downstream of the electric motorcycle industry is mainly through dealers. The two-wheeled electric vehicle industry is mainly sold through the distribution model, in which distributors operate physical stores and undertake product display, sales, and after-sales services. Dealers in the electric vehicle industry are spread all over the country, providing good support for the sales, after-sales service, and overall prosperity of electric vehicles.


(4) The end consumers of the electric motorcycle industry are mainly individual residents or families. In recent years, with the continuous growth of national income, the purchasing power of national consumers has been increasing; moreover, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly congested traffic conditions, electric motorcycles are increasingly recognized by consumers as a means of transportation for residents, with their lightweight, energy saving and economic features.

To sum up,the prospects of electric motorcycles are increasingly high.

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