Electric motorcycle companies teach you what to look out for when riding an electric motorcycle on a rainy day
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With the development of society, more and more countries began to advocate the concept of environmental protection, so electric motorcycles began to gradually replace the traditional fuel motorcycles more and more people use. More and more people are also starting to worry about whether it is unsafe to ride an electric motorcycle on rainy days. The following will solve this problem in detail as the professional electric motorcycle companies.

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We need to know that electric motorcycles today are waterproof and easy to clean so that you can ride them in the rain and muddy puddles. Let's talk about 8 things to watch out for on a rainy day to ensure you're safe while driving.

(1) get ready for a rainy day with cycling equipment, such as raincoats, waterproof covers, helmets, etc. . On the one hand, preparing a raincoat can prevent you from getting wet from the rain, which can lead to a cold and fever. On the other hand, because there are many electronic parts inside an electric motorcycle, it is not suitable to get wet, so the electric car's waterproof cover is still necessary;

(2) choose a smooth route. Instead of looking for an uneven shortcut, look for a more exact route, which may be longer, but can help you avoid routes with lots of puddles or deep waterways on rainy days. This will not only ensure your driving safety but also can protect your electric motorcycle from any accidental failure of the impact;

(3) make sure you have a clear line of sight. As mentioned above, instead of wearing a dark raincoat, choose a brightly colored raincoat so that other riders will notice you wherever visibility is low. You can also install reflective panels in the front and rear areas of the electric motorcycle;

(4) high-quality headlights and taillights are required in front of electric motorcycles. Good headlights can improve your vision in low visibility, while bright taillights can make the car behind you see you clearly;

(5) carry spare equipment with you at all times. To prevent electric motorcycle midway accidents, on the one hand, you can prepare some maintenance tools. On the other hand, you can prepare some first-aid equipment (such as bandages, painkillers, etc.) to ensure your safety;

(6) remember to drive slowly and brake well in advance. On the one hand, there are many good reasons to ride slowly during a rainy day, the most important being low visibility, weak traction on the road, and poor braking control. Riding an electric scooter at a slower speed can help you both take a few seconds longer to move correctly and can easily avoid any unexpected potholes or muddy puddles on the road; on the other hand, electric motorcycle brake bite in wet weather conditions can not meet the standard, as soon as possible brake can let you be mentally prepared to avoid any accidental close contact;

(7) try not to lean on the edge while driving, especially if you lose your balance in a sharp turn; you may also suffer a serious injury;

(8) fender. If you install a Fender, you can protect your body and tail lights from mud damage, which is a very important accessory.


To sum up, to ensure that you drive in the electric rain motorcycle safely, please keep these 8 points.

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