Causes of premature battery life for electric motorcycle
 2022/06/06 | View:782

Why doesn't your electric motorcycle battery last as long as it's supposed to? This is actually caused by our mistakes in the use of the process, especially the following points that need special attention:

electric motorcycle

1. The owner of the battery maintenance awareness, resulting in serious battery vulcanization damage. Electric motorcycle battery maintenance every six months, a lot of natural extension of life, but the owner does not have this awareness.

2. Charger is one of the important reasons. The main reason electric motorcycle battery life has been shortened is because of poor quality chargers and aging chargers. These battery killers usually start to kill after eight months, they can cause the battery to rapidly dehydrate and deform.

3. Electric motorcycle starts with a high current, causing the battery to vulcanize. If we start the electric motorcycle, slow acceleration will naturally increase battery life and mileage by 20%.

4. Damage to the Motor controller, resulting in a short life of the battery.

5. Electric motorcycle's new battery can be recharged each time it uses electricity above a red light, but can not run on less power. Each loss of electricity, life is less, 10 times loss of new batteries also quickly scrapped, to timely charge to avoid loss of electricity.

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